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The Top 10 Do's & Don'ts
of Japanese Culture
& Business Etiquette

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    Surviving America!

    Program designed to equip the Japanese executive with basic tools and practical tips for maximizing success and limiting liability when doing business in the United States.

    When Japanese executives are sent to the U.S., they come equipped with their core professional and industry knowledge. All too often though, they are not equipped with the tools necessary to effectively navigate the cultural challenges awaiting them in the American workplace:

    • What are the key cultural differences between Japan and the U.S. that affect the workplace?
    • What is appropriate social and business etiquette when doing business in the U.S.?
    • What are the most common sources of friction between American employees and Japanese management?
    • What does the typical American employee expect from its Management?
    • What are the basics of American Employment Law? How does one safely and effectively interview American job candidates?

    Surviving America! is designed to give Japanese expatriates the expertise and confidence to deal with some of these most common challenges.

    All Bridges to Japan Programs are customized to our client's needs and requests, including: 

    • group case studies and quizzes
    • take-home manuals and opportunity for individual follow-up with consultant
    • varying lengths of seminars
    • highly interactive training sessions
    • ample time for questions from participants
    • post-seminar questionnaire for participants with feedback provided to client