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The Top 10 Do's & Don'ts
of Japanese Culture
& Business Etiquette

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    Japanese Management & Staff Mediation

    Are you Japanese management facing challenges with your American staff? Experiencing morale problems or high turn-over with your American staff?

    Having a hard time understanding the behavior of your American staff and want to know what's on their minds?

    Japanese and American management, work style, and professional expectations differ in several fundamental ways. Such cultural differences often lead to misunderstandings, workplace frictions, poor morale, high turn-over or lost productivity - all of which have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

    This doesn’t need to be the case though! Let us, as an objective third party, help you identify and respond to the issues that might be sources of any friction or obstacles between your American staff and Japanese management.

    Approach includes:

    • Meeting with senior management to understand current situation.
    • Anonymous surveys for completion by all staff.
    • Individual interviews with selection of staff.
    • Report summarizing trends discovered and recommendations for addressing areas in need of improvement.

    All Bridges to Japan Programs are customized to our client's needs and requests, including: 

    • group case studies and quizzes
    • take-home manuals and opportunity for individual follow-up with consultant
    • varying lengths of seminars
    • highly interactive training sessions
    • ample time for questions from participants
    • post-seminar questionnaire for participants with feedback provided to client