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The Top 10 Do's & Don'ts
of Japanese Culture
& Business Etiquette

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    Client Voices

    “It’s not easy to negotiate multiple cultural differences in a business environment.  Ms. Jakubowski, with a deep understanding of and sensitivity to Japanese culture and business practices, as well as extensive experience with other cultures, gracefully and effectively navigates these waters. Especially as a foreign company operating in the U.S., having someone equipped with such skills is critical to success.”

    Director of Business, Mitsukoshi USA, Inc. (Japan Pavilion, Epcot Center)
    Yutaro Iwamuro
    Orlando, FL

    "Developing business from Japan had been a significant achievement for my company. However, to maintain the revenue stream I knew it was critical to provide my team with the proper training to manage and support our Japanese customers. Not only did our consultant have an impressive range of knowledge about the Japanese culture and relevant hands-on experience, but the training itself was executed in an exceptionally engaging and professional format. When I saw my team in action in Japan after having gone through the seminar, I knew the investment had already paid for itself multiple times over."

    President & Founder, Striding Edge, Inc.
    Louise Campbell-Blair
    Washington, DC

    "The questions didn’t stop until my consultant fully understood the end result I was working towards.  I fondly recall a 3 hour conversation in the freezing cold that convinced me I could completely trust both the content and the source of counsel I was receiving."

    President, Marubeni Protechs Corporation
    K. Iseda
    Tokyo, Japan

    “To keep a multi-national clientele engaged and in good spirits through multiple-hour training sessions and executive meetings is a tremendous challenge. With the perfect blend of expertise, humor and energy, Ms. Jakubowski consistently commands the respect of anyone in her path. Her impressive range of cultural literacy about Japan only adds to her superior analytical and communication skills.  Simply put, Ms. Jakubowski has beautifully mastered the intersection of business strategy and interpersonal skills required for this line of work.”

    Chief Operating Officer, Sumisho Computer Systems (USA), Inc.
    Satoru Ando
    Dallas, TX

    “I have never been immersed so quickly and thoroughly in a culture as I was during my on-site cultural immersion program in Japan.  Not only was I equipped with a critical and relevant cultural toolbox in an exceptionally efficient and enjoyable fashion, but I also walked away with a whole new level of confidence in professionally handling Japanese business partners.  A gem of an experience!”

    Founder, Digennaro Communications
    Samantha Digennaro
    New York, NY

    “Ms. Jakubowski and her team consistently exceeded our expectations by understanding cross-cultural aspects of both business and human relations between Japan and the U.S. Whether it was suggesting ways to enhance our management skills and knowledge, advising Japanese management on how to communicate effectively with American employees, or advising us when we faced difficulties caused by different cultural and social customs, the counsel was top notch.  Invaluable asset!”

    President, GSI Exim America, Inc.
    Tadaaki Yoshinaga
    New York, NY

    “Ms. Jakubowski possesses exceptional insight into Japanese culture. These insights are effectively utilized in her seminars, helping both Americans and Japanese to understand cultural differences in conducting business and effectively advising them how to bridge these cultural gaps.  We also greatly appreciate her ability to create a very entertaining atmosphere that pulls in every participant in the room!”

    Manager, General Affairs, Nissei America, Inc.
    Hisano Kanazawa
    Los Angeles, CA

    “Thanks to my consultant’s understanding of Japanese words and concepts that are hard to translate into English, the nuances I wish to capture are done so accurately and professionally, without losing their original tone or meaning. And even native English speakers comment on the high quality of English writing!”

    Holistic Health Consultant & Yoga Instructor
    Yukari Ashio
    New York, NY