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The Top 10 Do's & Don'ts
of Japanese Culture
& Business Etiquette

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    Japanese Client Hosting Support

    Want support facilitating social or business engagements with Japanese clients?

    Have important visitors coming from Japan and you want to make a good impression?

    Establishing and nurturing human relationships is the most critical key to business success with the Japanese. For Japanese, this often takes precedence over what Westerners might consider more practical business priorities. 

    If you are receiving important Japanese clients, one of our hosting support services can offer you a tremendous competitive advantage by serving as a bridge between you and your visitors: 

    • Have one of our consultants join you and your client for dinner or a business meeting to ease language and cultural barriers and to facilitate a comfortable connection.
    • Allow us to advise you on activities/touches that will make your Japanese visitors feel valued and comfortable in a foreign environment. 
    • Have one of our consultants spend time with your client during his/her free time.

    Trust us. Proper attention to the relationship with your Japanese partners/clients will go a long way towards positively impacting your bottom line!

    All Bridges to Japan Programs are customized to our client's needs and requests, including: 

    • group case studies and quizzes
    • take-home manuals and opportunity for individual follow-up with consultant
    • varying lengths of seminars
    • highly interactive training sessions
    • ample time for questions from participants
    • post-seminar questionnaire for participants with feedback provided to client